Frequently Asked Questions

Why is custom furniture more expensive than what I can find in a furniture store?

We hear this quite frequently from our clients, so here’s the down and dirty answer. Custom furniture is more expensive for 2 main reasons.

  1. Compared to someone working in a large factory repeating a single or handful of tasks all day, producing custom furniture requires highly skilled craftsmen and women to build, assemble, and finish each piece. Naturally when someone has a higher skill, they get paid a higher wage.

  2. The materials we use are much higher quality and tend to cost more. While this may increase the price, using better quality materials will ensure your furniture last for generations to come.

Think of it this way. Does it cost more to buy a new dining table every 5-6 years because it has been dented, scratched up, broken, or stained compared to spending a little more up front for a dining table that your grandchildren will use?

What’s the difference between buying furniture from The Knotty Log vs a standard furniture store?

Quality of our furniture

To put it simply, the quality of handmade, custom furniture is leaps and bounds better than what is purchased from a large manufacturer. Like we mentioned above, we only use the best quality materials such as solid hardwoods or urban salvaged timber. Most large scale manufacturers use materials like particle board with a thin wood veneer to make it look like real wood. They’ve gotten pretty clever with hiding the particle board too, but particle board simply will not last for decades to come.

customization options

All of our furniture can be customized to accommodate the unique needs of your home or business. You are not limited to a predetermined color or size selection. Try going to another furniture store and ask them if you can get a specific dining table a few inches larger or smaller.

How will I know what my custom furniture looks like?

We understand that there can be some unknown elements about purchasing custom furniture. We do our best to alleviate this by designing 3D models that show you exactly what your table will look like when completed! Here are 3 examples of 3D models we designed to find the perfect dining table for them.